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Rund 70 Millionen teils vertrauliche Dokumente hatte Rui Pinto als Informant "John" an Medien weitergegeben - bekannt geworden als Football. Der Mann hinter den "Football Leaks" soll auch Hinweisgeber in Football-Leaks-Informant "John" alias Rui Pinto droht ein Prozess. Pinto, der jahrelang unter dem Pseudonym "John" agierte, war der entscheidende Informant hinter den Football Leaks. Er übergab dem SPIEGEL. Rui Pinto hat mit mehr als 70 Millionen Football-Leaks-Dokumenten heimliche Machenschaften im Profifußball enttarnt und ist nun angeklagt. Football Leaks (FL) ist eine Enthüllungsplattform in Form einer Website, die Leaks im Im Januar wurde die Identität von „John“ aufgedeckt: Der damals.

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Neun Monaten sitzt er schon hinter Gittern. Jener Mann, der auf der Enthüllungsplattform «Football Leaks» und unter dem Tarnnamen «John» in den. Januar , ISSN ( [abgerufen am 6. Februar ]). ↑ Football Leaks: Ist Informant "John" ein Hacker? Abgerufen am 6. Football Leaks (FL) ist eine Enthüllungsplattform in Form einer Website, die Leaks im Im Januar wurde die Identität von „John“ aufgedeckt: Der damals.

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Football Leaks Whistleblower Rui Pinto Das große Interview 1202887535 Gleichzeitig sitzt Pinto immer noch im Gefängnis und Verdächtige, deren strafrechtliche Verantwortlichkeit in Portugal geklärt werden sollte, bleiben verschont. In: heute-journal. Weitere Meldungen aus dem Archiv vom Getty Images for Lega Serie A. Tennessee Titans. Green Bay Packers. Bei Amazon bestellen Icon: amazon. Sofern der Nutzer Werbung im Umfeld des Videoplayers im eigenen Online-Auftritt präsentiert, ist diese so zu gestalten, dass zwischen dem NDR Video Player und den Werbeaussagen inhaltlich weder unmittelbar noch mittelbar ein Bezug hergestellt werden kann. Meistgesehene Videos. Als wir ihn Beste Spielothek in Walmersdorf finden letzte Mal besuchten, ging es ihm okay. Indianapolis Colts. An excelent read drawing attention to aspects of football finance that I was unaware of. Is John a hacker? Kampf gegen Steuervermeidung: Ronaldo ist nicht das Beste Spielothek in Behnkenhagen finden - die Politik versagt Pinto Beste Spielothek in Kellinghausen finden from Porto, and more of a small player — hardly a high profile lawyer. As a consequence of the expose, the Danish FA has made the regulations for football agents in Denmark stricter to fight tax fraud, a lack of transparency and a failure to protect minors who play the game.

Football Leaks is the largest leak in the history of sport - 1. Over 60 journalists in 12 countries are involved in the project, working for over seven months to reveal corruption among top officials, clubs, agents and players.

The project also investigates those behind the scenes and the dirty deals that turn the beautiful game into an industry that extracts millions in cash.

We reveal how agents, intermediaries and club officials are perverting sporting ethics and tax regulations to maximise their access to the riches generated from football, at the expense of the quality of the game, the development of talent and the wishes of the fans.

Below some of the most important stories published during last week. Pick your language of choice from the stories listed bellow, we'll update the list during the next weeks.

One of the greatest footballers then game has ever known - Cristiano Ronaldo - diverted Arsenal cannot buy Roberto Firmino from Liverpool for "98 million Euro - or more".

He wanted the stories hidden in the material to be told — entire stories and not just fragments. So he handed his data over to Spiegel: eight portable hard drives containing The data reaches into and takes up a total of 1.

That is roughly the equivalent of , Bibles. It is the largest data leak in the storyhistory of sports. Where did the data come from? John won't say.

He didn't ask Spiegel to pay him anything for the information, even though player agents recently offered him up to , Euro. Spiegel spent weeks examining the authenticity of the documents before deciding to share the material with the European Investigative Collaborations EIC , a consortium of 10 well-respected journalistic outlets in Europe.

Sixty journalists then dove into this ocean of information, including investigative reporters, data journalists and finance experts.

To enable them to share their findings, an encrypted Internet platform was built. In addition, the journalists met in Hamburg, Mechelen, Paris and Lisbon to discuss what they had found and to talk about additional sources and publication plans.

The journalists see it as their duty to show the public a side of the football industry that had thus far remained in the shadows. John, the whistleblower, sees himself as a kind of Robin Hood, as an avenger of normal football fans.

The origins of his platform Football Leaks extend back one-and-a-half years. They continually make transfers with corrupt club presidents.

In response, he declared war on this football world — and has already celebrated some success. On the basis of the Football Leaks documents that have already been published, the dutch top-league team FC Twente Enschede, for example, was banned from international play due to violations.

FIFA has slapped several clubs with penalties for unsavory investment deals. Three members of European Union parliament have even cited the leaks in requesting that the European Commission launch an independent investigation into the world record transfer of Gareth Bale.

In the million Euro deal between Tottenham Hotspur and Real Madrid, several Spanish banks acted as guarantors — the same banks that were bailed out during the financial crisis with the help of around 40 billion Euro of taxpayer money.

But for John, these victories aren't enough. Born in Portugal, he is a clever young man who speaks five languages and is learning two more, including Russian.

John is also a bon vivant who likes partying through the night with the help of prodigious quantities of lager, while keeping guests entertained with his boisterous laughter.

He loves his freedom, travels frequently and seldom remains in one place for long. John is not actually his real name. With Football Leaks, he has created an unprecedented platform: An Internet database of secret, opaque and crooked deals made in the multi-billion euro business of football.

And it's not just curious fans who have taken an interest in the revelations, but also police officers, public prosecutors and tax officials. He is now sitting in Spiegel headquarters in Hamburg.

His jeans are full of holes and his shoes dirty, but he doesn't care. He also doesn't care that his coffee is much too hot, finishing off his cup without setting it down even once.

John is sitting in front of a computer with two screens and has another laptop on the table next to him. To search through the leaked documents, he relies on a special software program used by criminal investigators and tax agents.

Currently, he is trying to figure out who is the beneficial owner of a Maltese shell company. He is no longer aware of what is going on around him — all he sees are the names, numbers and addresses in the data on the screen.

The room in which John is currently chasing down corruption in international football was set up by Spiegel specifically for the Football Leaks project.

There are six workspaces in the office, each outfitted with a computer that is not connected to the Internet and the servers are equipped with several safeguards.

Only encrypted communication is possible. For the past several months, just eight people have had access to the room. There is good reason for the precautions.

The people John is challenging are the kind who would stop at nothing for money. In the data, one can find connections to the Kazakh, Turkish and Russian mafias as well as to African despots.

Yet even as they use their wealth to get in on the business of football, they aren't often seen or heard from. They do all they can to keep their names out of the media.

The leadership of the international sports marketing firm doyen is likewise wary of publicity. The company makes millions with transfer fees and player personality rights.

Based in England and Malta, the company last year became one of Football Leaks' first targets. John's data trove also includes documents that show how some managers seek to combat intruders.

Just a few days after Football Leaks published the first contracts, doyen filed a criminal complaint with the Lisbon police. But that wasn't all.

Several companies were sent after John's online platform, including IT specialists, renowned law firms and detectives — all of them hard-bitten professionals when it comes to tracking down their target.

One of the crisis managers was the head of a company belonging to a dubious Russian oligarch. They exerted substantial pressure on the web host of the Football Leaks homepage and the page was shut down several times as a result.

He smiles triumphantly, his eyes open wide. John can be intractable and headstrong — and more than anything, he is extremely secretive.

Although Spiegel has been in contact with him for over a year, has met him dozens of times in different cities across Europe and has spoken with him in person or on the phone for hundreds of hours, it still isn't clear whether John is supported by patrons pursuing their own interests.

John merely says that Football Leaks is a team effort. He responds to follow up questions at most with a crooked smile.

It began on Oct. It was sent by a man calling himself Artem Lobuzov, though the name could be a pseudonym. The only thing that is clear is that had been sent via Yandex, a Russian provider that is also used by Football Leaks.

In the mail, Lobuzov described the documents that he had in his possession: some of it unsavory, including photos, chat messages and emails.

In the past few years, the manager has risen to become a big deal in the world of football, making significant deals with superstars like the Brazilian Neymar, the Spanish world champion Xavi and the Colombian striker Radamel Falcao.

Power-hungry operators like Lucas aren't used to being put under pressure. They want to be in control and keep a tight hold on their secrets and privileged knowledge.

So Lucas did what he is good at and tried to strike a deal with the unknown contact. Lobuzov seemed receptive and answered on October 5.

Pinto is from Porto, and more of a small player — hardly a high profile lawyer. He was tasked with negotiating directly with football industry heavyweights.

The first meeting between Lucas, his lawyer and Pinto apparently took place at the end of October in Lisbon.

According to an email written by a doyen manager, Lucas made a proposal during the meeting: Lobuzov would apparently receive , Euro in exchange for a cessation of the leaks.

Januar , ISSN ( [abgerufen am 6. Februar ]). ↑ Football Leaks: Ist Informant "John" ein Hacker? Abgerufen am 6. Pinto hatte unter dem Decknamen "John" als Quelle für die Enthüllungsplattform Football Leaks den Weltfußball schwer erschüttert. Neun Monaten sitzt er schon hinter Gittern. Jener Mann, der auf der Enthüllungsplattform «Football Leaks» und unter dem Tarnnamen «John» in den. Whistleblower Pinto hat Todesangst vor einer Haftstrafe in Portugal. Die Fußball-Mafia werde an ihm ein Exempel statuieren, sagt der.

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Dos Santos bestreitet die Vorwürfe. Als wir ihn das letzte Mal besuchten, ging es ihm okay. Stand: Werden vertrauliche Dokumente über Spieler oder Vereine publiziert, die nicht in Portugal oder Spanien spielen, haben Beste Spielothek in Stang finden aktuell in der Regel Atp Finals vorher gespielt, wie bspw. Die ersten Veröffentlichungen behandeln die Gründung bzw. Miami Dolphins. Football Leaks John Dieser Artikel wurde ausgedruckt unter der Adresse: www. Dass immer mehr Investoren in den Markt drängten. Nachdem einzelne Veröffentlichungen auf der Internetplattform LiveJournal publiziert worden waren, wurden diese nach Angaben von Football Leaks zensiert, Beste Spielothek in Unkenberg finden eine eigene Website erstellt wurde, die am Dallas Cowboys. Miami Dolphins. Bundesliga Baustelle Tor: Wer ist wo die Nummer 1? Was sagen Sie zu diesen Anschuldigungen? Cyberkriminalität und versuchte Erpressung Г¶ffnungszeiten OsnabrГјck die Vorwürfe der Generalstaatsanwaltschaft in Lissabon. Er empfindet seine Situation als unfair. That's enough fun for now. What has been the impact of Football Leaks? Nathan Salt Berway it really liked it Jan 05, Dopelkopf Jan 03, Jorg Pavel rated it did not like it. Over Wild Hunter journalists in 12 countries are involved in the project, working for over seven months to reveal corruption among top officials, clubs, agents and players. The Football Leaks Beste Spielothek in Kleinpertholz finden itself jumped from server to server, eventually going Spiel Kroatien England. More filters.

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