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Into the Badlands ist eine Fernsehserie von AMC Das Kampfkunstdrama erzählt die Geschichte eines Kriegers und eines Jungen, die sich auf eine gefährliche. Der Kabelsender AMC gab kürzlich den Starttermin zur zweiten Hälfte der dritten Staffel von Into the Badlands bekannt. Im selben Atemzug. Into the Badlands ist eine US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Actionserie mit Adam Arndt: Into the Badlands: Verstärkung für Staffel 3 In:, Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Die längste "Into the Badlands"-Staffel wird auch ihre letzte sein. Im März kehrt die Martial-Arts-Serie mit ihren letzten Folgen zurück.

Into The Badlands Serienjunkies

Into the Badlands erzählt die Geschichte eines kleinen Jungens und eines skrupellosen Kämpfers, die sich gemeinsam auf eine Reise. Die längste "Into the Badlands"-Staffel wird auch ihre letzte sein. Im März kehrt die Martial-Arts-Serie mit ihren letzten Folgen zurück. Der Serienjunkies-Podcast ist der offizielle Podcast des Online-Magazins Auftritt in Into the Badlands und der neuen Staffel The Man in the High Castle. Into The Badlands Serienjunkies

Long buried secrets will be revealed, new alliances will be forged and the saga will climax in an epic battle to end all battles.

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The Final Season Long buried secrets will be revealed, new alliances will be forged and the saga will climax in an epic battle to end all battles.

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VOD Watch episodes on demand through your local cable provider. Sunny and Bajie face off against a deadly new foe with a dark connection to Sunny's past; Chau enlists her brother in the fight against Pilgrim.

S3, Ep5. Sunny and Bajie seek help from a reclusive former Master; The Widow must confront a spectre from her past as Chau's slave.

S3, Ep6. Sunny and Bajie call in a favor from Bajie's past; The Widow interrogates an important captive who threatens her tentative peace with Pilgrim.

S3, Ep7. Sunny works with the River King to secure passage to Pilgrim's Fortress; The Widow faces mutiny from discontented troops.

S3, Ep8. Sunny and Bajie arrive at Pilgrim's Fortress, only to face an angry M. S3, Ep9. Pilgrim makes some of his faithful warriors as zealots that is dark ones.

Sunny must find the way to stop pilgrim but M. K is against him. Die Serie wurde nach 32 Episoden eingestellt.

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Alle Staffeln der Serie Into the Badlands. November Deutschlandstart der. Staffel Into the Badlands: 5. November bis Dezember 5. Februar bis 5. Februar Staffel 2 10 März bis Mai Mai Staffel 3 16 April bis 6.

September bis. Liste der Into the Badlands Episoden. The Fort. Fist Like a Bullet. White Stork Spreads Wings.

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4 lustige SERIEN FEHLER - SerienFlash Und Januar? Wo waren wir eher gelangweilt? Kobras Giftzahn, Panthers Klaue. Spiele Valletta Megaways - Video Slots Online war geplant, die zweite Staffel Philippinen Nachrichten Neuseeland zu drehen. Einen kurzen Spoilerteil ab Minute gibt es ebenfalls. Dezember beim Sender AMC gezeigt. Lydia glaubt, dass Quinns Verstand und Herz noch immer ihr gehören und er auf die Fähigkeiten des gemeinsamen Sohnes Ryder vertraut. Die Martial-Arts-Serie „Into the Badlands“ kommt bald auch ins Free-TV. Wer die Serie nicht bei Amazon gesehen hat, kann sie ab November bei RTL II. Im Februar kommt „Into the Badlands“ in der deutschen Synchronfassung zu Amazon Prime. Oder habt Ihr schon ins englische Original reingeschaut? Der Serienjunkies-Podcast ist der offizielle Podcast des Online-Magazins Auftritt in Into the Badlands und der neuen Staffel The Man in the High Castle. Habe die Tage "Into the Badlands" Staffel 3 geschaut nur um im Anschluss zu erfahren, dass die Serie eingestellt wurde. Die Haupthandlung. Into the Badlands erzählt die Geschichte eines kleinen Jungens und eines skrupellosen Kämpfers, die sich gemeinsam auf eine Reise.

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Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Daniel Wu Sunny 32 episodes, Orla Brady Lydia 32 episodes, Emily Beecham The Widow 32 episodes, Aramis Knight Tilda 32 episodes, Nick Frost Bajie 26 episodes, Sherman Augustus Nathaniel Moon 17 episodes, Sarah Bolger Jade 16 episodes, Oliver Stark Ryder 16 episodes, Madeleine Mantock Veil 16 episodes, Babou Ceesay Pilgrim 16 episodes, Lorraine Toussaint Cressida 16 episodes, Ella-Rae Smith Nix 16 episodes, Marton Csokas Quinn 16 episodes, Chipo Chung The Master 14 episodes, Stephen Lang Learn more More Like This.

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After the poppy fields are abandoned, Quinn has a migraine and puts Jade in charge to train Clippers how to harvest.

In order to look for "the boy at the Fort", The Widow takes in Quinn's cogs, promising them freedom in return for loyalty.

Waldo tells Ryder to take M. Veil asks Quinn if he killed her parents and says it was Sunny's blade that ended their lives, not his.

A fight ensues between her mother and Sunny, while Bale, wanting to make his first kill, fights Tilda, but meets a deadly end when M. Six months later, Sunny, now a "Picker", a miner used for slave labor, excavates coal in the Bordeaux Mines far from the Badlands.

He befriends Bajie, a smuggler who is shackled to him. After watching an arena fight in which under-performing Pickers are executed for not making their quota, Sunny plans to escape.

Bajie acquires a map and wants to go with him. When Sunny refuses, Bajie betrays his true identity to the mine boss, The Engineer.

Meanwhile, M. Later, M. In the Badlands, Ryder, who as Baron following his father's presumed death controls Quinn, Jacobee, and The Widow's territories, alongside his love, Jade.

During an inspection of the oil fields, The Widow and Tilda, now a regent, return. In a surprise attack they reclaim them, kill most of Ryder's Clippers and force him to retreat.

They preside over a growing army of former Cogs and Dolls, promising to end the Badlands feudal system and replace it with a democratic society.

Tilda recruits Odessa, a former doll, and has the clippers who abused the dolls killed. While stationed in an abandoned train station, Veil gives birth to a boy and is in the company of Quinn, who survived his impalement.

After Bajie betrays Sunny, The Engineer decides he doesn't like a "rat" for a Picker so he sends them to the fighting pit to battle his champion Mouse.

Fortunately, the arena is unguarded. They defeat their foe, make it to the exit and escape through the mine's ventilation system.

They find themselves in the Outlying Territories with a wall separating them from the Badlands. Lydia is living with Penrith and his Totemists.

All is peaceful until Nomads interrupt a wedding, looking for goods. Lydia takes it upon herself to save the religious group by killing all the bandits herself, resulting in her father's disapproval due to his non-violent beliefs.

She is once again cast out and returns to Ryder, who doesn't receive her kindly. Also, The Master sends M. Later, while hiding out in the abandoned West Avalon transit station, Quinn performs a bloody baptism on Veil's son, Henry, who he proclaims is the Badlands newest heir.

Michael Taylor. While wandering the Outlying Territories, Sunny and Bajie find a bridge that leads into the Badlands, but it is guarded by a stranger and they've been followed by bounty hunters.

The stranger lends them a helping hand defeating the bounty hunters and gives them shelter. After he fell in love with a warlord's daughter, he started a family, but they were murdered.

Now he hunts fugitives, returning to his violent ways. He tries to convince Sunny that men like them never change. Meanwhile, The Widow asks Waldo to be her Second at the Baron conclave instead of Tilda, but she is in charge if she doesn't return.

Veil lies to Quinn about his prognoses by switching out his x-rays with healthy ones. Later Silver Moon, still searching for his 1,th kill mark, sees Sunny as a worthy opponent.

He challenges Sunny to a fight to the death or to put him out of his misery by ending his life. Sunny continues on his quest to find his family and does not want to be his executioner; Bajie comes to his aid.

Quinn puts his plan in motion to start anew and sets off with his Clippers. Meanwhile before the conclave voting ceremony, The Widow tries to get Baron Chau on her side and thinks about her condition of pledging not to shelter any more runaway Cogs at her Sanctuary.

When Quinn is off on his mission, Veil, trapped at the transit station with lone Clipper Edgar, tries to escape with Henry in her arms by drugging him, however he blocks her only way out.

During the conclave, the five remaining Barons vote The Widow in breach of the Foundation Treaty, stripped of her baron title, and her lands and privileges are revoked.

They give her 48 hours to vacate the Badlands, but she has no intention of giving it up and a baronial showdown is about to begin.

Just then, Quinn makes a dramatic entrance first and goes after Ryder, killing his son in the middle of his hedge maze.

In the end, Tilda shows up at the melee and helps Waldo and her mother in their fight for a Cog-free world. With Ryder dead, the other surviving Barons have fled, going to ground.

Jade, the only successor, is sworn in as Baron by her Regent, Merrick, and declares war. She then turns to Lydia for help in finding Quinn.

However, Lydia has one condition; she gets to kill Quinn herself. Meanwhile, Bajie takes Sunny to Nos, the Commandant of the Mechs, or metal traders, to trade Silver Moon's sword for a shortcut back into the Badlands.

Sunny learns from the leader that Quinn's still alive. During their overnight stay, a Doll named Portia visits Sunny asking him to kill Nos so her young daughter Amelia will not lead a life of prostitution.

He refuses at first, but after seeing Portia's face mutilated and her stabbed, he and Bajie steal their ride, bringing mother and daughter with them.

Also, while training, M. Later, The Widow ignores Waldo's advice, to either align with the other Barons who tried to kill her or lose everything she built, instead aligning herself with Quinn.

Lydia and the Clippers seek out Quinn, but the bunker doors are booby trapped, and she loses most of her men. In the commotion, Veil finds her way out of the transit station and flees from Quinn, who is having hallucinations of his dead son.

In the aftermath of the transit station explosion, Lydia loses all her men and is captured by Quinn who offers her a chance to avenge their son with a dagger to his heart.

Unlike Ryder, she doesn't hesitate, but Quinn stops her hand from the killing blow, then has an intimate moment. Meanwhile, after their escape from the Mechs; Bajie and Sunny go to Portia's healer friend, located in a Gasper addicts opium den.

Veil finds temporary solace at the Widow's Sanctuary, but the Widow makes an unholy alliance with Quinn and hands her and baby Henry over to him.

Also, Tilda gets closer to Odessa by telling her why she calls Minerva "mother" and they share an intimate moment witnessed by Waldo.

Later, Ava finds M. They make camp at an Old World hotel left abandoned during Christmas Sunny and M. K's darkness with an Azraian device.

A melee ensues and they're quickly defeated until Bajie shows up, revealing his secret of being an Abbott in another life. Ava dies from her injuries after saving M.

After a dying Cyan attacked him with the hand of the Five Poisons, a poisoned and comatose Sunny is trapped in a nightmare in which he must confront his inner demons.

In the dream, he is living a simple life as a farmer with Veil and Henry who has grown into a boy. Things quickly escalate as the poison seeps through his body, causing all the victims he clipped, including a girl named Artemis, to kill him.

Bajie and M. Later, Bajie explains his departure from the monastery. He had a loving relationship with his novice Flea, who had dark abilities similar to M.

Meanwhile, Quinn and the Widow assault Jade's palace in order to exile her from the Badlands. Quinn and the Widow prove their alliance by presenting their gifts: Baron Hassan and Baron Broadmore's heads.

Meanwhile, Bajie gets Sunny and M. But it comes at a price when they're captured by Baron Chau's Clippers. However, Sunny devises a plan to get them out by proposing to Chau he knows how to lure The Widow out.

He becomes Chau's Regent, slips Bajie the cell key to his freedom, and delivers M. Sunny and The Widow's reunion is a bloody one as they work together, alongside M.

Later, Veil is forced to marry Quinn so he can help raise Henry, grooming him as his heir to the baroncy. Their consummation is interrupted by a report that Sunny is alive, and has joined forces with the Widow and is coming to find Quinn.

Twenty years ago, Bajie, an Abbott is tasked with training a new novice who, due to her powerful "Gift", is brought to the monastery in a large chest.

She breaks free and Bajie has to subdue her, and because of her small size, he nicknames her Flea. However, her name is Minerva and she carries the book of Azra that's been in her family for generations.

Back to the present, Sunny aligns with the Widow who offers him and M. The Widow plans to attack Quinn's bunker, but Quinn sends his young Clipper Gabriel strapped with a suicide bomb to deliver Sunny a message about Veil, and learns that the Widow traded her to Quinn.

In the chaos of the explosion, Sunny escapes and runs into Bajie, telling him to get M. Bajie reunites with Minerva, but it's not the reunion he wanted, as he and M.

Later, Tilda confronts the Widow about how she's become like the rest of the barons: power-hungry and sacrificing innocent lives.

The two fight, and Tilda is defeated. While M. Bajie helps Sunny in his assault on Quinn's bunker. During the assault, Bajie is wounded by one of Quinn's lieutenants before disappearing, and Lydia is saved from execution.

Meanwhile, Sunny is reunited with Veil and fights a final battle with Quinn. Badly wounded, Quinn grabs Veil and tries to take her hostage and gives him an ultimatum; either Sunny gives him Henry or he will kill Veil.

Refusing to let Quinn have the upper hand, Veil fatally impales both herself and Quinn with his own sai. With her dying breath, Veil implores Sunny to raise their son to be good.

Later, an injured Bajie rides Sunny's motorcycle to a derelict communications tower and reactivates it with the Azra compass, sending out a Morse code before collapsing from his stab wound.

It's been six months since Sunny returned to the Badlands, which is now ravaged by a civil war between the only two remaining barons: The Widow and Chau.

Sunny reunites with Bajie to seek a cure for his infant son Henry, who has The Gift. Tilda, known as the "Iron Rabbit", and her band of thieves are stealing from The Widow and protecting Lydia in a Totemist camp.

She also recruits Moon, who is in hiding following his fight with Sunny which left him with one hand. After receiving Bajie's signal, Pilgrim, the self-styled "son of Azra", along with his Acolytes, travels a long way in search for a new kingdom in the Badlands.

They find such a place in a ruined castle on an island, which contains a natural history museum. Moon joins The Widow as her Regent and is tasked with finding Bajie, who is vital in the war effort.

Sunny learns he passed The Gift to his son Henry. Wanting answers, they set out north to her rumored location at Vulture's Peak.

Later, The Widow struggles to control M. She demands the Iron Rabbit's head, not realizing that her adversary is Tilda. Moon raids Tilda's refugee camp on orders to capture the Iron Rabbit, and takes Odessa hostage to lure her out.

Lydia decides to play both sides and partners with The Widow as her Viceroy and she takes over Quinn's mansion. Meanwhile, disguised as The Widow's Clippers, Sunny and Bajie make their way to the frontlines and leave Henry with a healer while they find a way out of the war zone to search for a cure.

Tilda confronts her mother and makes a deal that she'll return in exchange for M. While traveling through the Wasteland, Sunny and Bajie confront a band of blind cannibals.

They are former renegade Clippers who were tracked down and blinded by Quinn's forces which included Sunny when he was a Colt.

They join forces with Moon who was also captured by the assassins, and his honor is satisfied when he spares Sunny because of his son. Baron Chau enlists her imprisoned brother, Gaius to clip Pilgrim who is recruiting Cogs from her territory.

Meanwhile, The Widow and Lydia try to befriend Pilgrim, and save his life in the process during Chau's attack. James Marshall. Sunny and Bajie reach Vulture's Peak and seek help from the reclusive witch Ankara, who temporally heals Henry's darkness.

She tells Sunny someone powerful dispelled his Gift as a child, and in doing so, made him a Catalyst, from where the dark gift flows through him.

She also declares that Sunny may be the most powerful of them all. Nix saves M. The Widow confronts Gaius, Chau's brother and an acquaintance from her past when she served his father as Chau's Cog.

He agrees to help fight his sister's Clippers who, along with Castor, ransacked Tilda's refugee camp. While making their way through an unsavory part of the Badlands full of pirates and thieves, Sunny and Bajie meet Lily, Bajie's ex-wife turned smuggler.

She reluctantly agrees to take them on her boat to find the new Azra. During the night, Sunny has visions of himself as a boy on board Lily's boat which once belonged to the River King.

They soon encounter River King seeking their bounties, but form a temporary alliance. Tilda rejoins her mother after Chau took some refugees and the two meet up with Pilgrim.

The Widow gives Pilgrim her captive, the injured Castor as a peace offering. However, with M. Sunny and Bajie work with the River King to secure passage to Pilgrim's fortress.

However, Sunny learns that as a child he was on a boat that was attacked by the Black Lotus, a group of fearsome warriors looking for him.

Sunny seeks out Captain Udo, the last survivor who tells him about the massacre and that he had a sister who protected him.

Meanwhile, The Widow faces a mutiny from her Butterflies and Bowlers who are tired of sacrificing life and limb from the war with Baron Chau.

Under the leadership of Wren, a former fighter, they hold her and Gaius captive. However, Lydia negotiates an armistice with the turncoats and seeks out Moon and Tilda to rescue them.

Sunny and Bajie arrive at Pilgrim's Fortress, but they do not receive a warm welcome. Sunny fights an angry M. After surviving the melee, Sunny meets Pilgrim and learns that his real name is Sanzo and in order to cure his son, they must open the Meridian Chamber, an ancient underground vault from the Old World which Pilgrim's acolytes recently unearthed.

Bajie discovers they want to make an army of Dark Ones for a new Azra, but Sunny feels he has no choice until Henry is cured. The Widow is taken to the Mountain by The Master who shows that even though they are fighting different battles, they must work together to defeat Pilgrim who has taken The Gift from Henry.

Meanwhile, with Henry cured, Sunny decides to leave Pilgrim's fortress and frees Bajie who has been kept prisoner. Gaius and Tilda find that Chau is alive but find no trace of The Widow.

Believing he is now a god, Pilgrim transfers the Gift to eight of his followers whom he now calls Azra's Harbingers. Bajie kills one of his dark-eyed Harbingers in a fight for survival and Sunny helps him escape.

Later, Sunny destroys the Meridian Chamber, but he is caught by the vengeful M. Pilgrim mercilessly attacks Sunny with his new powers and then throws him through a window into the water far below.

After agreeing to help The Master to save the world from Pilgrim, The Widow is rendered unconscious and sent on quest to regain her "Gift".

This vision takes place in an alternate reality where The Widow is a baron known as the crimson-garbed Phoenix who rules the Badlands with a deadly fist.

With Gaius Chau as her right-hand-man, she tries to locate a mysterious baron named The Raven, who is actually The Widow herself.

A battle ensues, which is a manifestation of The Widow reconciling the light and dark sides of her personality. Meanwhile, Sunny survives the battle with Pilgrim and he hides out in an abandoned department store.

He is found by Nix, who has come to question Pilgrim's "cause" and she helps him survive in a fight against the pursuing Harbingers.

Tricia Brock. Nix helps Sunny in his temporary hideout in the abandoned store and she agrees to help him find Ankara the Mad Witch. Tilda and Gaius sneak into his mother's fortress, and Tilda brutally kills her mother.

The Master reunites The Widow and Bajie, who have a therapeutic showdown. Ankara is found wounded by the Black Lotus and taken to a nearby city by Sunny and Nix.

Pilgrim and his Harbingers arrive at the Monastery and battle the Abbots, making short work of them. A fight breaks out between Pilgrim and The Master when she refuses to give up the "dark ones she put to sleep".

Pilgrim gets the upper-hand turning off The Master's gift, but spares her. Pilgrim and M. The Widow leaves to find Tilda and Gaius when Ankara shows her a vision of them being tortured, and Nix comes along.

Tilda and Gaius head to the location where Baron Chau' hideout in an abandoned circus, but it's a trap and Chau tortures them both for information.

The Widow faces off with Baron Chau, beheading her in the end of their fight to save Tilda and Gaius. Ankara tells Sunny that he needs his sister in order to defeat Pilgrim.

Sunny and Bajie get incapacitated with flash bangs, and Ankara is killed. They take Sunny, but when Bajie wakes up, he is stabbed through the abdomen and breathes his last breaths.

Sunny is brought into a large prison called Razor Ridge, which is a Black Lotus outpost. Magnus tells Sunny that Bajie is dead before his sister comes out of the shadows.

She's with the Black Lotus and not dead as Ankara told him. Sunny doesn't believe her until she touches his forehead to unlock some of his memories.

Her name is Kannin. We see a young Sunny and a young Pilgrim practicing together. We see Azra, and it is beautiful.

Magnus says that the "dark ones" were the ones that destroyed the old world. Sunny's dad then receives a message and takes Sunny with him to the courtyard where three Black Lotus are being held on their knees.

When they won't speak, Sunny's dad goes dark and kills two of them. He then sits a timer on a rock and tells Sunny that if he doesn't tell them how he got there before the time runs out, Sunny is to kill him.

He tells young Sunny that killing is his destiny when the boy says he doesn't want to do it.

Ava erliegt ihren Verletzungen nachdem sie M. Allianzen werden gebildet, Freundschaften verraten und letztlich Ereignisse in Gang gesetzt, Beste Spielothek in Belicke finden Sunnys und M. Der Meister schickt M. Als sie Dynamite Deluxe Skepsis ihrer Tochter Tilda spürt, erinnert sie sie an ihren Vater, der sie in Kindertagen missbraucht hatte. Ich habe so viele tolle Serien und Filme auf der Netflix Liste, und was gucke ich!? Nightingale Sings No More. Sunny und Bajie reisen durch eine zwielichtige Gegend der Badlands, in der sich Piraten, Schmuggler und Diebe herumtreiben. Die ersten Eindrücke nach eine Apple-Keynote sind nicht leicht in Worte Dschungelcamp 2020 Gewinner fassen. Black Heart, White Mountain. Sie stirbt in Moons Armen. Also vielleicht. Oct 8, Pilgrim, M. Monkey Leaps Through Mist. Into The Badlands Serienjunkies From Wikipedia, the free Poker Dragons. The Fort. Cressida confronts Lydia and Moon about their failure to deliver on her request. Watch ad-free with AMC Premiere. Moon Rises, Raven Seeks. In der Folge geht es um die Hintergrundgeschichte zur jungen Überlebenden Lydia und ihr Heranwachsen unter der durchgeknallten Alpha. Um herauszufinden, wie M. Sunny bringt dem River King einen Kopf und sagt, es handele sich um den Beste Spielothek in Stang finden von ihm gesuchten Jungen. Snake Creeps Down. Aramis Knight sinnt derweil nach Rache, nachdem er erfuhr, dass Sunny seine Mutter getötet hat. Oct 22, Cressida, from her cell, carries out a blood ritual and large red storm clouds appear and rain blood all over the fort and the people in it. After M. Beste Spielothek in Overhetfeld finden Strike as One. Pilgrim furthers his crusade, now determined that anyone who refuses the gift will die. While M. Jade prepares for her wedding, and taking Lydia's advice, she stops her relationship with Ryder, who feels broken and betrayed. Internationally, the series premiered in Australia on November 17,on Showcase. In the ruins of the Meridian Chamber, Eli, one of M. The Widow struggles to control M.

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